Remote control of your genset.

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Remote control of your genset.

With our electronic control panel UP1 Plus, LABOMECA is able to remotely manage all gensets.


The electronic panel UP1-PLUS, is the control with the most advanced technology on the market today.

For motors of an output exceeding 250kVA, this card is able to connect directly via Canbus at the engine and read all of its data.

Remote connections via GPRS and Ethernet are super proven and effective.

If there were communication problems, they are due only to the GSM or internet signal.

Type of remote connections: GPRS and Ethernet.

With the electronic control panel UP1-PLUS, you can manage, for example, fully a telecommunication tower, adding only another card of input and output (8 I / O) and the programming of new inputs or outputs.

The electronic control panel UP1-PLUS is capable of managing complex systems.

For more technical details, please download the data sheet or contact our sales department.